Professional Web Development

Proficient in frontend and backend web development, I make sure your site is tailored specifically to you or your business with a unique style to fit your branding, while keeping your site fast and secure.

Let me design, build, and test your website. I'll work hard to give it a modern and unique design, keep it secure, and make it load fast.

Recent Projects

Why Not Web Builders?

Web builders (like Wix or Squarespace) allow you to quickly build a website on your own for free or very cheap. Why shouldn't you use this?

  • Cookie cutter - Web builders have a certain list of features each with limited editing options, and if the web builder does not include a feature you cannot add it to your site. Websites cannot be designed with much flexibility in terms of use or branding, decreasing the efficacy of your message and your professionalism.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to improve your ranking on major search engines, like Google, and allow social media sites like Twitter, Discord, or Facebook to show embeds about your site when shared. Web builders can make it difficult to implement effective SEO. Coding allows for minute control, driving more visitors to your site.
  • Management - Without being able to manage the code, it can be difficult to fix minute problems or small additions you want to add or fix. With code, anything is possible.
  • Slow - Websites begin to lose visitors after two seconds of loading time. Web builders include lots of code that doesn't show up, slowing down loading times and losing you visitors.